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Be Brave

If you suspect child abuse, please act responsibly.

If you work with children, you are most likely required by New York State law to report suspected child abuse or neglect when presented with a reasonable cause in your professional capacity.

A “reasonable cause” means that based on your rational observation, professional training, and experience, you have a suspicion that the parent or other person legally responsible for a child is responsible for harming that child or placing that child in imminent danger of harm.

Your suspicion can be as simple as not trusting an explanation for an injury.

However, please leave all questioning up to trained professionals. They will fully handle the investigation from start to finish, otherwise more harm could be done.

See a list of mandated reporter professions, learn when you’re mandated to report, what is child abuse and how to recognize it, and more in this guide.

Child Abuse Guide for Mandated Reporters

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